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Client Testimonials

Hands Down the Best
I hired Speaker Law over the phone about one year due to a recommendation by my local attorney. I had very little time to do any research because my case was extremely time sensitive. All my contacts with Speaker Law were over the phone or email including payments and signatures. I only have good things to say about Speaker Law. There was no procrastination, or extra paperwork or filings. The one thing that impressed me the most was Liisa's ability to do exceptional research of my prior two year case and everything that went along with it. She pieced it all together as if she had lived through my life. Also, she was able to eliminate drama that had been woven into my case prior to her taking over. She kept me updated every step of the way, all the way through reconsideration of appeal by the opposition and supreme court filing. Thank you.
- Stephen
Outstanding Appellate Attorney!
I couldn't be happier with Speaker Law Firm! Liisa and her team worked diligently on my appeal, communicating with me the process, filings, timelines and all possible outcomes. After the case was won the opposing team appealed to the supreme court. Liisa and her team were persistent and never stopped communicating with me. Thanks to the diligence of Liisa and her team the supreme court denied the opposing team a hearing and our appeal stands! Thank you Liisa! Thank you Speaker Law Firm!
- Laura
Best Appeals Attorney!
I had been in family court for years over child custody issues and went through two trials. My ex then took me to the COA and that's when I hired Liisa Speaker. She was also highly recommended by my family court attorney as well. After talking to Liisa about my case she gave me so much confidence that there was nothing to worry about and she was right! I cannot say thank you enough for what Liisa has done for me and my children. I am more than pleased with the outcome of my case. Liisa is very experienced, knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her clients. You cannot go wrong by retaining this attorney!
- Anonymous
Caring, knowledgeable, detail-oriented and trustworthy.
I came to her firm in tears, another lawyer pretty much having ruined my case by not giving it the attention necessary or filing important things when required. Liisa Speaker was able to correct some of that on appeal and I am grateful to have found someone with the knowledge, experience, heart, and skill to fight for the best interests of my children.
- Shari
Forever grateful.
I find it very hard to explain with this few of words how grateful I am to have found Liisa. She was the first person who actually engrossed herself into the facts, and truths, of my experience after explaining to her what had happened. Which was a first. She not only did her job, she restored my faith in humanity, which I had all but lost. She went so far beyond her duties to me, and most definitely, and vigorously, pursued justice for me. Without going into details it's tough for me to explain how amazing this lawyer is. I would recommend Liisa Speaker any day, all day, to anyone I know, and definitely do. Liisa Speaker is one of a kind, she believes in right, and wrong, and will go to any extent to try and make sure justice prevails. I cannot thank her enough, nor can I ever repay her for what she's done for me. From a sincerely grateful father.
- James
Liisa Speaker from Speaker Law Firm is an attorney with the utmost regards for her clients. All through the process of the appeal filed against us she took the time to explain each step of the process and what was going on at all times to ensure that any unnecessary concerns or worries were alleviated. At all times through the appeal process including pre-hearing briefs, responses to the opposing attorney’s briefs, and the trial itself she always had our best interests at the forefront of her actions. This does not take into account her actual lawyering ability. Ms. Speaker outwitted and out-argued the opposing lawyer so thoroughly during the pre-trial activities that he was not even allowed to make arguments in person to the appeals judges during the appeals hearing at all. She ensured that he had to sit and listen through the process as she dismantled each individual part of his case until the judges decided in our favor without even taking the time to have to deliberate the case at all. I would recommend Speaker Law Firm for anyone that is need of an appeals lawyer.
- John
During my husband's hearing, my favorite comments from panelists were when one stated that Liisa was one of the best, if not THE BEST best appellate attorney in the state. Then, another added that he considered her to be THE EXPERT on child welfare law. I cannot think of a more profound compliment. Congratulations, on your 10 year, I look forward to seeing Speaker Law balance the scales into the next decade.
- Amanda
I wanted to thank you and your team for all your help and support through this tormenting time. I know you are doing all you can and I have a faith that we will find the prevailing action to take. I just felt it necessary to reach out and thank you all. As the longest standing support I've had thru this, it means more than I could ever express. I can't imagine what I've ever done so wrong that this great state refuses to acknowledge and serve my civil, constitutional and parental rights. I only pray with gratefulness for your continued support, and that the justice system serves it's true purpose for my children and I.
- Amber
Excellent appellate attorney
Liisa Speaker took my case after my divorce attorney failed to submit the required paperwork "on time" for the appeal. It was the best thing that ever happened. After contacting her she asked specific details regarding the case, took notes and after sending her the required paperwork she and her team took the case. They were "Extremely efficient, cost conscious and one of the most professional teams I've ever worked with". They researched this case and the written brief was excellent. They also presented to the appellate judges. I have never had such an efficient, precise and conscientious attorney ever. I would highly recommend Liisa Speaker if you want the job done right. She came highly recommended to me from others after calling and requesting names for appellate attorneys and she was much more than I could have ever expected. If you need assistance she is the one to call!
- Sherri
The best there is quite frankly! Liisa knows the law and how to deal with the situation and the Judges involved to win!
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about Liisa and her team and what they did for me and my family. I thank god that I found her and that she was able to help me get full custody of my daughter. The trial court ignored the court appointed psychologist recommendation for my daughter to live with me, her father, and ignored even more of the 26 criteria based evidence they use to help make decisions in a custody battle. The Judge from Lenawee county would hold court back in her office with the lawyers pleading each sides case and deciding what she was going to do in her office, then would come back into court and just go through the motions of listening to witnesses and specialist already having her mind made up from back in her office. I lost all rights of my daughter for almost a full year which the appeals court couldn't understand why this judge would come to that conclusion. Liisa was able to get her decision thrown out and force a new custody hearing. The Judge from Lenawee county continued to show her ignorance of the law and the appeals courts authority to have a new trial. Every 6 weeks for about 9 months the judge kept saying I don't understand why we are here I already ruled on this and refused to have a new hearing. Liisa filed an emergency motion to be back in front of the appeals Judges to further sanction the trial court Judge and force her to comply with a new trial. Liisa was great throughout the whole process and explained to me the process and how it can take some time going through the appeals process and how it works. At the end of the custody trial the Judge was asking my Lawyer in court the process and how she is supposed to comply with the appeals court judges. That doesn't happen without Liisa and all of the hard work she put into our case. Liisa broke down everything of what we can use and what we cannot use and knew the appeals judges and what would make a difference with them. I can definitely see Liisa being an appeals court Judge in the near future. Her opinion and reputation are second to none and you are very lucky if you have Liisa as your legal counsel.
- Ryan Thompson
Review of Liisa Speaker
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Liisa Speaker related to her representing me as my appeals lawyer. Liisa took my case when I had very few options and I thought I had no where to turn. She represented me in the manner in which she described up front and I grateful to have had her represent me.
- Larry
Great appeallate lawyer
Liisa worked very hard on my case and presented very well before the appeallate court. While the outcome wasn't what I had hoped, she still did the best she could.
- Bethany

Attorney Endorsements

Divorce and separation Attorney on Mar 27
Liisa Speaker is a top Michigan appellate attorney. She is very knowledgeable in the law and procedure of appeals, prompt and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Liisa Speaker.
- Lana Panagoulia
Relationship: Worked together on matter
Divorce and separation Attorney on Mar 27
I endorse this lawyer. I referred a former client to Ms.Speaker for an appeal. He later contacted me to thank me for the referral and informed me of the hugely successful results. I would refer to her again in a heartbeat!
- Angela Borders
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Appeals Attorney on Mar 27
Liisa is a delightful person and has a great deal of experience litigating appeals, especially in the area of child custody. I have referred matters to her in the past, and she has handled those with aplomb.
- John Bursch
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
General practice Attorney on Mar 27
I endorse this lawyer. She got a bad probate decision reversed by the COA for my client.
- Dan Barrett
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Family Attorney on Mar 27
Liisa Speaker is an excellent appellate attorney that I recommend without hesitation.
- Deborah Adams
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Family Attorney on Mar 22
Liisa is the best.
- Susan Philpott-Preketes
Relationship: Worked together on matter
Criminal defense Attorney on Mar 4
I endorse this lawyer. She poured her heart and soul into each case. You will never be just another number to this lawyer. I have sent her many cases for appeal and intend to send her anymore. She is a fantastic lawyer and a genuinely wonderful person .
- Tiffany DeBruin
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Estate planning Attorney on Feb 19
I refer clients to Liisa for appellate work with confidence. I always receive positive feedback as to Liisa's work from the clients I refer to Liisa.
- Byron Gallagher
Relationship: Worked together on matter
Divorce and separation Attorney on Mar 25, 2016
As with any other group of professionals, it is important for attorneys to have a strong community of peers that are trustworthy and skilled in their area of practice. Liisa is undoubtedly one of the foremost experts in Family Law in Michigan. She is a reliable person to call on whether there is a need to conduct an in-depth analysis of a change in the law, or simply a need for a "sanity check." As her focus is appeals, she is often aware of new changes to Family Law before others in our professional community, which makes her a valuable resource for attorneys (like me) who have a primary practice of Family Law litigation at the trial level. When I am unable to represent clients for certain appeals, I regularly refer them to Liisa because I know that they will receive phenomenal representation. I give Liisa the highest endorsement and praise.
- Saraphoena Koffron
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Real estate Attorney on Mar 21, 2016
I endorse this lawyer. I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Speaker on behalf of a mutual client and have also served as her opposing counsel. She is a competent, professional, ethical, and dedicated attorney.
- Bridget Powers
Relationship: Worked together on matter
Family Attorney on Nov 3, 2014
Ms. Speaker is a talented and determined lawyer. A great choice to handle any legal matter you may be facing.
- Michelle Steffen
Relationship: Worked together on matter
Criminal defense Attorney on Oct 1, 2013
I have known Ms. Speaker for a few years and have come to respect her ability as an advocate. She is the first attorney I think of when someone asks for a referral to an appellate attorney.
- Brandon Gardner
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
Appeals Attorney on Apr 22, 2013
I strongly endorse attorney Liisa Speaker for family law appeals. She is knowledgeable, experienced and uses the utmost care to protect her client's interests. She is also a delight to work with and, as a result, judges respond well to her and to her clients.
- Laurie Longo
Relationship: Worked together on matter
Family Attorney on Mar 20, 2013
Liisa is an extremely talented and knowledgeable attorney. I routinely recommend her for all appellate work. I endorse this lawyer.
- Gail Towne
Relationship: Worked together on matter
Ethics and professional responsibility Attorney on Jun 26, 2008
Liisa Speaker is a stellar appellate lawyer and member of the bar.
- Alecia Ruswinckel
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community