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Appellate Services
For Attorneys

How Your Appellate Advocate Can Help

For Attorneys

The Speaker Law Firm offers a variety of ways to help you pursue your client's appeal. Depending on the type and amount of assistance you require, the firm offers flexible fee structures, including hourly fees with a retainer, flat fees, or hourly fees with a capped maximum. You have the option of entering into an engagement agreement directly with appellate counsel, or arranging the representation so that your client enters into a direct attorney-client relationship with appellate counsel.

Lead Counsel in Appellate Court

If you are a busy trial practitioner who does not have the time for the day-to-day details of the appellate process, The Speaker Law Firm can take the lead. The firm will perform all of the research, review the record, determine the issues to appeal, write the brief as well as any necessary motions, and argue the case to the appellate court. The Speaker Law Firm will provide you with periodic updates on the status of your case. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, the attorneys will consult with you as they prepare the appeal and provide a draft brief for your review and approval before filing.

Consulting Services for Your Appeal

If you want to prepare your own appeal but would like guidance on the process, The Speaker Law Firm is able to act as a consultant for your appeal. Consulting services include:

  • Assistance with procedural requirements of the appellate courts;
  • Refining your arguments and editing your brief;
  • Substantive suggestions on how to approach the court; and
  • Tips for oral argument

Assistance in the Trial Court

If you need help with preservation of error in the trial court, The Speaker Law Firm can attend trial, review trial briefs, and prepare jury instructions. The firm can also prepare or review draft complaints, and/or dispositive pre-trial motions to improve your chances for success on a dispositive motion, or lay the foundation for later appeal of that dispositive motion.


If you do not have time to draft the brief, but want to file it under your name, The Speaker Law Firm also offers ghost-writing assistance. The trial attorney decides whether to inform the client about working with an appellate advocate on the briefing. As you will be the attorney with whom the appellate court and client communicate, ghost-writing services allow you to maintain complete control of your file.